I'am Brand Consultant

Building a company is about branding, and building branding must be with honesty not by acting

Dadik Wahyu Chang
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Me and Collaboration

For me and I are not the same, I am about myself and idialism, I am about humans with other humans, my axes, me, you as a manifestation of the essence as something created must be related.


What is here is what I have experienced in the process of becoming human

  • A


    An integrated communication process that aims to provide information about goods or services in relation to satisfying human needs and wants.

  • E


    Telling in the process of maturation is more appropriate to be delivered in a communication media learning with the audience.

  • C


    Conduct communication activities to consumers to introduce the brand / brand and change the brand image back to the original goal.

  • D


    Process of correction / maintenance to monitor in conceptual about business growth.

  • G


    Writing, creating and creating a mindset to give direction and opinion

  • B


    What is here is what I have experienced in the process of becoming human


n my book turning upside down I told how I proceeded to become an aged man who keeps on adding, in my book telling about how a salesman is the noblest and most honorable job to fulfill the foundation of the inspiration in a businessman. Congratulations to know me and contact me even if just for coffee

  • 1998 - 1999

    Sales Force

    PT Djaya Abadi

    Sales non-reputable cigarette company made me learn and know what its name is selling more strategy, know mental and direct selling, starting from user, agent, distribution, i know him and make me know how the business chain is spinning.

  • 1999 - 2000

    Distrbusi Agency

    PT Djaya Abadi

    From a sales I learned to be a supplier and call myself as a distributor because I have to supply not only cigarette products to all areas of eastern Java, but I must menyplai other products such as groceries, etc. This is where I learn a lot about work

  • 2000 - 2002

    Manager marketing

    Legian Resto Cafe

    While running the utero business I pioneered in 1998, and remain a distributor of products and services as a side I tried my luck to know communication beyond my ability, I became a marketing cafe, here I know how to learn public relations and how to be marketing communication.

  • 2002 - 2003

    pilot project

    Satriya Enterprise

    I am a keep looking and with my busy right, I also joined the event that I know since start senior high school with my first event cresta, a pensi event or art performances that are very special sma in his era, and samapai today's annual event Still on the run.

  • 2003 - 2010

    marketing project

    PT Graha Mapan

    I am never satisfied as a seller, I am never satisfied to meet many people, this time I learned about selling and know banking to fill the needs of my brain and soul in recognizing business processes and capabilities. I sell the house and process it for the needs of the top segment. Here I know many people at the top level.

  • 1998 - NOW



    Human journey is not important if it is not useful for others, in this business group is the achievement that I want to continue to achieve and my experience is leading me to provide the best for family, friends, clients, others and all creation creations.


A journey in the familiar environment, friends and how I came to know the basic and systematic theory and education system.



    An elementary school that I have never forgotten, because this is the place where I learn right about a theory and education, as a result I always get the rank in the class, and I often won competitions such as panembromo champion, P4 intelligent champion, IPA and some sports dexterity. Which finally took me to one of the best junior high schools in the poor city, the senior high scool 3 Malang.



    A school that contains smart and rich people, here I started to know about the environment, how I can compete with smart and wealthy children, it turns out I prefer to socialize rather than learn like most of my friends, and I am not who in rank in my class, Is a very hobbyist freak and genk genk. And this is what finally got me to know 2 levels of my class sister and 2 levels below me. Because that's the principle I started kindergarten I have to have many friends.



    I chose this senior high scool because of the solidarity and solidarity that appears when I come home from school, that is what I want to achieve, I am called to make a collection of movements and communities that I call gangster student, yeah I have many friends and my daily life is Bayuamana make something to always be Something in the event community and event makers tabloid era. This is my career and this is the beginning of a small Dadik exploring the business.


    Major Of Law

    This is a lost choice, because enter here is my goal is free, yes I can free it because I get a scholarship, because it is quite my value enough as a requirement as a child who can be a scholarship. This campus is a very understanding campus how to understand me who is pioneering utero company, I have to divide the time between exam lecture and build business. Here I learn how a law runs and how the law runs in business.



    Jawa Timur

    An indonesia competition held by independent banks, here I proceed how this competition runs and how this competition aims. And how to win in a competition. It's about the process of self-assessment for the value of others.



    A predicate from a cigarette company sampoerna foundation who crowned me in a seminar with 5 entrepreneurs in the city of Malang. Here too I learned how the beginning of my talk in front of other big businessmen in a hotel and had to deliver in a presentation on the slide.

  • ISMBEA 2012

    Business Entrepreneur Award


    Indonesia Small & Medium Entrepreneur Award (ISMBEA) 2014 is a vehicle of appreciation for UKM entrepreneurs in Indonesia organized by Wirausaha and financial magazine. This event put forward the entrepreneurship spirit that happened to the SMEs selected in this forum, as one of inspiration, exemplary and support that continue to push Indonesian SMEs more advanced and passionate to face its future.



    This is the home of Mr. Renald Kasali, this house about turning someone from a small-minded to a great thinker and has a big goal. Not about business but how we are patterned in business and between humans.


Allow me to tell stories, allow me to share experiences, for my long process of reaching beneficial human beings.

Jalan Bantaran 1 No 25 Malang - Jawa Timur - Indonesia
T. (+62) 081 333 099 090
W. (+62) 081 999 900 900